Jeffrey Lebowski
Jeffrey Lebowski
Portrayed by David Huddleston
Gender Male

Jeffrey Lebowski (played by David Huddleston) is also known as the "Big Lebowski" of the movie's title and the main antagonist. He is a wheelchair-bound, multi-millionaire who is married to Bunny and is Maude's father. He is not a fan of "The Dude" and often calls him "a bum" and a "deadbeat".

Although it's never proven within the confines of the film, Jeffrey Lebowski placed two yellow pages phone books in the briefcase in lieu of the cash which he had allegedly been embezzling via this kidnapping.

Jeffrey Lebowski met with once first lady Nancy Reagan, unfortunately Ronald Reagan was not available for the photo opportunity. Nancy, according to The Dude is "pretty good".

Jeffrey Lebowski's legs were taken from him by a Chinaman in Korea so he appears throughout the movie in a wheelchair, despite this he went out and achieved anyway. Convinced that The Big Lebowski is a "phony", Walter lifts him from his chair and releases him expecting to prove his masquarade. The Big Lebowski falls to the floor and begins to weep at which point the Pomeranian with fucking papers walks over and begins to lick his face.

According to his daughter, feminist contemporary artist Maude, the Big Lebowski's weakness is vanity hence the slut (The slut being the fornicating nimphomaniac Bunny).

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